Well i’ve implemented a solution, basically i replace all href tags with a temp tag, process the article content then put the href tags back in.

Not the nicest solution but works for now until a better one comes along.

Next step is to auto link to tags as well as titles.

I tried to install the Wiki-Links plugin yesterday but found it wasn’t working with the latest WordPress (2.2.2). So i sat down today and fixed it. Dave also fixed it and better yet provided me with a regexp string to prevent it from placing links within HTML tags. I wanted something one better, I wanted it to ignore anything embedded in <a> tags so i sat down and put the regexp string together and what happens … this php bug (or as they state, perl’s).

So basically i need to sit down and see if i can get around it, but it will have to wait for another day, bed calls

Here’s the string if anyone wants to have a starting point “/(?<!<[a][a-z0-9]*[^<]*)$string/”

Living in an apartment means the room for pets is rather limited. Having a girlfriend who is allergic to cats, narrows it down even further, although you may or may not have heard of the allergy free cats recently bred and made available to the public. The problem with the allergy free breed is, everyone wants one, to the point that no more orders are being taken for twelve months.

For some people there may be another solution, the almost hairless Sphynx breed.Sphynx Kitten If you’ve seen Austin Powers, think Mr Bigglesworth after cryogenic freezing. The breed although appearing to have no hair has a very small amount and this can be a boon to some people with alergies (allergies relating to the cat hair anyway)

So after a few hours searching I discovered there is a breeder close by who welcomes visits from potential customers to test their nasal passages and tear ducts on our furry … eh wrinkly little friends. If this doesn’t work ….. well its on to the dog breeds, something small, non-yappy and toilet trained!!

Oh and for those interested Sphynx kittens go for around $2000 Australian complete with all their shots and desexed. Makes you consider how much you want a pet :-)

I was dragged onto Facebook last week, I’m not going to say anything about it but, boy you can waste some time.

I have a PC that i’ve setup to be come a media box, digital tv card small box, remote etc etc. The problem is all my other PCs have died so for now the media box is serving as a desktop.

Due to this temporary arrangement the media functionality isn’t fully setup, and the other day i wanted to remotely control its music playing. So i needed a quick solution to setup a remote (network) interface to control its local playing. The remote interface needed to provide access to the local media pc’s library of music.

XMMS2 was my first choice, it’d been following its progress for a while under Linux and its design was exactly what i was after. However as i discovered XMMS2 under windows (i forgot to mention the media pc is currently running lowly windows XP) had some issues playing streaming media (hey when your ISP mirrors radio streams for free you gotta listen), so i had to pass on XMMS2 for now.

VLC was where i next looked, i knew VLC offered network streaming of music but i wasn’t sure if it also could act as a juke box and have and interface for remote control. As it turns out there is a couple of methods, one of them being a nice http interface. The interface didn’t provide access to the media pc’s local music collection, so while listening to Digitally Imported Lounge I continued searching.

Winamp, its been around for years and while its become more then just a small application to hear some sounds from I do quite like its media library. I also use to use a web interface for it back in the old version 2 days. Anyway I found a plugin for the new 5 versions called BrowseAmp and in a very basic way it does what i want. It provides access to local files on the media pc (has password protection for those making their system public) Plus the usual play list controls.

So until XMMS2 comes along BrowseAmp it is for me.

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