I was listening to a random playlist on my Ipod earlier and a remix of the Commodor 64 game Wizball came up, firstly if you love old games you have got to checkout sites like OverClocked ReMix, they hold user submitted remixes of game themes and some of them are just awesome. Secondly, I use to love Wizball, I’d spend hours playing a game and still play it every now and then using the emulator VICE (hey the title of this post did contain the word geek).

Anyway, I thought I’d search for a remake today, there are a few around for other favourite games of mine and lo and behold, not only is there a remake, but it has also just been finished, 5 minutes later its install and I’m bouncing around the screen chasing red droplets (play the game, you’ll get it).

What was the Wizball remake verdict? Well apart from the upfront “There is no momentum when rolling along and all bounces off curved objects are even” its pretty impressive. They done a great job on the artwork and the sound track keeps the awesome music of the original albiet remixed. It may replace my emulator for a while ….. well for Wizball anyhow.

For those interested in finding remakes, there are plenty of sites out there, here are a couple that I normally browse

  1. Retrospec
  2. Retro Remakes

Be sure to checkout Head Over Heels and Ghostbusters, another couple of C64 classics.