Living in an apartment means the room for pets is rather limited. Having a girlfriend who is allergic to cats, narrows it down even further, although you may or may not have heard of the allergy free cats recently bred and made available to the public. The problem with the allergy free breed is, everyone wants one, to the point that no more orders are being taken for twelve months.

For some people there may be another solution, the almost hairless Sphynx breed.Sphynx Kitten If you’ve seen Austin Powers, think Mr Bigglesworth after cryogenic freezing. The breed although appearing to have no hair has a very small amount and this can be a boon to some people with alergies (allergies relating to the cat hair anyway)

So after a few hours searching I discovered there is a breeder close by who welcomes visits from potential customers to test their nasal passages and tear ducts on our furry … eh wrinkly little friends. If this doesn’t work ….. well its on to the dog breeds, something small, non-yappy and toilet trained!!

Oh and for those interested Sphynx kittens go for around $2000 Australian complete with all their shots and desexed. Makes you consider how much you want a pet 🙂